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Ashra is a Universal Seventh Generation Quantum Medium Clairvoyant Psychic Alchemist.

Ashra come’s from a long high vibrational galactic soul heritage and linage of Mediums, Psychics, Healers and Shamans, Alchemist’s and Hermetics practitioners

It is Ashra’s intensional soul purpose is to unify individuals back to HEART, through the presence and empowerment of the Key CODED 5D+ New Earth Diamond Light Earth Grid Consciousness, Galactic Light Body Transformations, Quantum Cellular Activations and Restorations of the Original Divine Source 12th Strand Blue Print of Creation.

Through these innate Sacred Quantum Alchemy activation’s and molecular recalibrating on the emotional, mental and physical awareness to soulful self, apothecary in heart centred immersion with love in sensuality, sexuality, intimacy and sacred connection, professionally and personally Ashra creates a expansive space for individuals, groups and communities to globally unify in compassion, vision, mission, purpose whilst cultivating a HEART driven ethos in building a living legacy all humanity can thrive in.

Ashra facilitates 1-1 Quantum Mentoring, Group Intensives, Business Quantum Recalibration, Quantum Group Facilitation and Sacred Site Retreat Facilitation all over the planet in normalising the Aether. Ashra is a passionate advocate in raising awareness to the seen and unseen, bridging the Aether, Earth and You into unification once more.

Whilst Ashra has been in the loving presence of spirit since as early a memory of two years of age, over her youth and adult life Ashra knew of her Divine Quantum gifts but didn't not outwardly share them as it was not something that was common language in the wider community, how such dynamic times have changed where Ashra is an activist in healthfully promoting the Aether, Universal Consciousness and Ability to self heal. Since 2012 when Ashra experienced first hand not one, but three individual occasions where she received medical intervention to bring her back to physical life has committed her life to assisting others reclaim theirs in totality, mind, body, soul in human mastery.

Since Ashra's intimate dance with death, being given a aggressive terminal diagnosis by western medicine after failing all western medical treatment available Ashra went back to her soul origins, Alchemical Gifts and began to concentrate on the root causes of the illness and its manifestation process, emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.

This catapulted Ashra's Awakening, Kundalini activation and subsequently ability to fully self heal even from terminal illness. Ashra not only is no longer terminal, she has no illness in her body as a result by working with Ascended Masters and her Galactic Council she innately works with in the higher realms of Quantum Energy Zero Point Field.

In 2018 Ashra received a full walk in consciousness whilst visiting Isis's birthing chamber in Phile, Egypt. As a result Ashra no longer carries her birth consciousness and has fully integrated her walk in consciousness that is of Galactic Star-seed in Origin. As a result Ashra's Quantum gifts has expanded with the ability to channel new forms of LL in higher galactic realms and deepen her telepathic gifts as a result of this walk in consciousness.

Ashra has extensive corporate leadership experience developing large multi national teams in the thousands from her executive roles she has performed over the years, its with this ability Ashra is able to now work with industry in rebuilding our global corporate community to come back into intensional focus with aligning people, purpose, passion and unification to heart driven success for our entire global community to expand within.

May you join Ashra in rediscovering the remarkable Soul, Human Being and Life Force you are.

Unified Universal Love


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Featured Posts

I had a beautiful session with Ashra. Her warm and love filled energy infuses the session with a feeling of multi-dimensional acceptance and support. She brought in messages from archangel Sandalphon who advised me which crystal energies I was meant to work with. These stones have added tremendous power to my now daily guided meditations and overall sense of purpose. Archangels Metatron and Michael also came in with insightful affirmations to ground my energies in the ascensions grid, 5D new earth diamond light grid, and to bring all aspects of my light self into my human vessel. I had been told before that I was a timeline healer, an energy stabilizer, and Ashra further explained that I am a new Earth gridworker and wayshower. Her guidance is allowing me to get more in touch with these concepts and help me raise my vibrational consciousness. The session was meant to only be 45 minutes, but she was gracious enough to extend it while information kept coming in. I was very honoured to be able to receive such beautiful messages and to spend time with Ashra’s clear and loving presence.


I received an email from a podcast I was interested in. I opened it and it simply stated “ASHRA Human Mastery”. I read a short intro. It completely resonated with me and I put it on my schedule for that same day.
As I listened to ASHRA speak on the call, I innately felt a deep connection to her, not fully knowing why. I needed to speak with her & booked a private session. As soon as we met, I knew it was another pivotal moment in my life.

Since I’ve been working with her, individually & in a group setting, I have a deeper awareness of the new energy we are experiencing as I am raising my own levels of Consciousness. I’ve received many gifts: glimpses into a future Self, tools to access my ability to follow my heart & trust myself implicitly, learning how to utilize unified sacred practices as a multidimensional being, a deeper understanding of true interconnectedness & limitlessness, embracing all that I am, as I am embracing & supporting a greater loving relationship with mySelf and others. It has been and continues to be life-changing.

ASHRA guides & provides. She empowers & supports you where you are on your journey. I have received deep insights to help me understand myself on levels I only dreamed existed. I’ve received guidance that provides me information so I can choose how I want to show up & create the best life for myself by discerning through my heart what feels true for me and not something someone has projected onto me. She has a loving energy & her authentic passionate Self radiates in such a way, that only a safe sacred place can exist with this wonderful, highly intelligent, extraordinarily gifted one.

Since that first session I’ve joined a Master Class she was teaching and I signed up for private sessions with her. It has been so much more than I could ever really express within the confines of our written language. I look forward to my next series of 1:1 sessions & classes with her.

Mary Ann C.
New York, USA