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Ashra is an International Seventh Generation Medium Clairvoyant Psychic Empath, Master Energy Healer, Ascension Guide, Sacred Union Facilitator, Tantric Teacher.

Ashra comes from a long high vibrational soul heritage and linage of Mediums, Psychics, Healers and Shamans, Alchemist’s and Hermetic practitioners.

As a Sacred Divine Feminine Goddess it is Ashra's honour to take you on an expansive journey of self in exploring the many cascading layers that make you beautifully and uniquely you.

Ashra travels the world facilitating and holding retreats within the arena of Sacred Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Unions, Mediumship and Channelling Spirit. Tantric Intimacy and Ascension, Sound Healing and Crystal Healing for individuals seeking to deepen their soul trajectory path of self and that with others inside the bedroom and outside in the everyday world that surrounds them.

“LOVE yourself, FLIRT with your understanding, ROMANCE with dreams, GET engaged with simplicity, Marry the inner genuineness and DIVORCE the ego! That's a lover of life's path. Never lose sight of what magic can create."


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Featured Posts

“The connected brilliance of this wonderful soul helped guide me on my journey, Healing the fears and replacing them with limitless hopes and dreams. I am forever grateful”

Michigan, USA

“Ashra Bennett is an inspiring gifted individual. She speaks truth and has influenced my life in a positive supportive and beautiful way. I’ve learnt from her to trust all that is with in me and to stop doubting my ability. She has taught me through her incredible gift to connect spirit body mind and to believe to be true to myself and trust in my own personal journey. Her support and guidance has resonated with me through some of my life’s challenges surviving through both domestic violence and Breast cancer. I am forever grateful to her.”


“I’m so grateful for the heartfelt connection I had with Ashra Bennett. Not only was the Information she gave me incredibly insightful and helpful, she was patient when I needed extra clarification. I asked so many questions and never felt rushed to understand her answers or rushed to ask them. She dedicated hours to just me; helping to clarify my path forward, confirming the importance of my own mystical experiences and helping me see them with new eyes. She effortlessly switched between seeing truths from the perspective of numerology, astrology, and energy healing while answering diverse questions about life paths, ascension and relationships. Her care and attention made our whole conversation feel so comfortable- it really seemed as though we were old friends reconnecting. She even followed our session up the next day with helpful graphics on the chakra system :) She truly went above and beyond with her reading for me.”